You can rest and relax here!
I will share with you various styles of Self-Inquiry and Meditation that will support your journey into True Self Discovery.

When you discover your True Self... it's easier to enjoy the ride!

Are you ready!

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Mitch Rosacker

Welcome to the Self Discovery Studio!

Thanks for coming!

Come on in... it's great to see you!

I'll make us some tea while you tell me how you're doing.

Whatever you would like to talk about is welcome.  The journey of Self Discovery starts right where you are in your life.

Please have a seat.

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Your story is welcome here and honored.  I know how hard it can be to live in this world... and I know that the peace you are looking for is already within you!

Within us all there is a Loving Presence... and Self Discovery is the journey of letting go of the limited thoughts and beliefs that are preventing us from relaxing into that Loving Presence... which is our True Self.